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Much more than your standard street shop, Eye Pollution Custom Tattoo is now open and ready to give you that next great piece of beautiful ink with full custom-designed tattoos for upstate SC. Our DHEC certified studio is a professional, clean and safe environment for all who choose to walk through our door.


We are a group of like-minded tattoo artists who strive to give our clients the absolute best and most unique body art that we can imagine. With a friendly and personal approach to the people who seek out something special, we specialize in giving our customers their favorite tattoo. Drop in today or call to consult with one of our talented and friendly artists to set up your next appointment! 

Please call or come by to talk to an artist to have a consultation and to set an appointment.

*Due to all you awesome clients, we are staying busy and will get back to you as soon as we become available,

so please be patient and don't hesitate to send another email or phone message to remind us.


Although we are mainly an appointment-based studio, we will accept walk-ins, as neccesary time and availability allow. We want to focus on one person at a time, giving us more time to work one-on-one rather than clog up everyone's day with long wait times and tired artists.



Please be sure to call ahead and check for open space. 





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