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Your tattoo has been applied under clean professional conditions using septic sterilization techniques. Now it is up to you to take proper care of it. The practice of proper aftercare for the healing of your new tattoo is extremely important; the better and smoother the skin heals, the better the tattoo will look. Additionally, the chance of infection or damage to your new tattoo is minimal if aftercare suggestions are followed correctly.



1. Leave the post procedure bandage you received on for approximately 1 hour. This bandage is intended to protect your tattoo from airborne bacteria and other contaminates from invading the area. This bandage will serve as a protective covering only until you arrive somewhere where you will wash the tattoo. At this point, you are to carefully remove and dispose of the bandage. DO NOT rebandage the tattoo at any point over the next 10 days, for a bandage will deprive your new tattoo of the oxygen that is essential to the proper healing of your new tattoo.

Starting from the point you remove your bandage, you are to wash the tattoo with Liquid Dial Antibacterial Hand Soap. For the next 10 days after you receive your new tattoo, it is necessary for you to wash the tattoo 3 times a day (morning, noon, and night).


Directions on how to properly wash your tattoo are listed below:


2. Before cleaning or touching the tattooed area, wash your hands thoroughly with lukewarm water and Liquid Dial Antibacterial Hand Soap.


3. Apply a small amount of Liquid Dial to the palm of your hand. Whenever touching the tattooed area, always use the balm of your hand,

for it is the softest and least abrasive part of your hand.


4. Wash your tattoo with the Liquid Dial and warm water, using a circular motion with your hand. A soapy lather will form, which is an indicator

your tattoo has been thoroughly washed.


5. Once the area has been thoroughly washed, rinse the soap off your tattoo in a circular motion with warm water. Make sure all the soap is

rinsed off your skin. You will know all the soap is washed off when your hand no longer rubs smoothly across the tattoo. Instead, you will feel

a tacky sensation as your hand rubs across your skin.


6. Blot the area dry with a soft towel to remove any excess moisture. After your tattoo has been thoroughly washed and dried, apply a thin layer of Curel Ultra Healing Lotion to the tattoo. This lotion based product is necessary to keep the skin soft and moisturized while your new tattoo is healing.


Directions on how to use Curel Ultra Healing Lotion are listed below:


7. You must apply the Curel after every washing for the next 10 days. Additionally, you must apply your Curel every 3 hours in between

washings to keep your skin moisturized.


8. Apply a small amount of Curel to the palm of your hand.


9. Using a circular motion with your hand, rub the Curel into the skin. Continue this application until the whitish color from the lotion dissipates

into the skin.


10. Indicators that you have applied too much lotion are if excess lotion remains on the skin, or if your skin appears very glossy.

Over applying lotion could potentially hinder the healing of your new tattoo, for it will deprive your skin of the oxygen it needs to heal.

In the event that you apply your lotion, simply blot off the excess with a soft towel.



For the next 10 to 14 days while your new tattoo is healing, be sure to follow the following steps to ensure proper healing:


DO NOT apply any product to your new tattoo except Liquid Dial Antibacterial Hand Soap and Curel Ultra Healing Lotion. Any other product                    could severely damage or limit healing.


DO NOT expose your tattoo to excessive sunlight or tanning beds. Sun damage will greatly hinder the healing of your tattoo.


DO NOT swim in swimming pools, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, oceans, creeks, or rivers.


DO NOT submerge your tattoo under in a bath tub. When you are taking a shower, making sure that your tattoo is washed thoroughly

             with Liquid Dial just before you exit the shower. Once exited, be sure to apply your Curel.


DO NOT wear abrasive clothing that would be tightly covering and rubbing against your new tattoo. These fabrics could potentially hinder the                proper healing of your new tattoo.


DO NOT pick at your tattoo when it begins to peel. 3-5 days post procedure, the tattoo will begin to peel like a sunburn, which is completely                  normal and should not alarm you at all. Simply allow the dead skin to peel off on it’s own, however, for picking at it could result in permanent damage to the area.


DO NOT scratch your tattoo if it feels itchy. This is a sign that it is healing, but scratching could cause permanent damage to the area.

             Simply reapply your Curel, and if the irritation persists, simply slap the tattoo gently with your fingertips to rid the sensation.



Possible side effects include, but are not limited to: Allergic Reactions to inks, dyes, pigments, etc., bleed, skin irritation, swellings and redness to the area, or possible risk of infection. If the tattoo is properly cared for using the aftercare suggestions listed above, the chance of infection are minimal.



Watch for signs of infection, including increased redness, pain, swelling, heat, or a foul smell coming from the tattoo. If you notice one or more of these symptoms do not hesitate to contact your doctor immediately.


Thank you for choosing Eye Pollution Custom Tattoo. For any additional questions or comments, feel free to contact us at 864-285-4548

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